Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday morning rain

It's Monday morning, and the men have gone to work. I read and studied my Bible. Then checked Facebook and e-mail. Now writing. But it's raining and the sound makes me want to go back to bed. There's lots to do at home on my day off.

Had a great weekend. Went to church. Haven't been in about a month. Yesterday, went to Flea Market with Lewis an Lewie. Then just hung around the house the rest of the day. Zach and family came over for a visit. So good to see them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Tellico River

Last week, I went to 2 funerals in 2 days burying 2 young men taken from this earth in the prime of their lives. So sad to see the close family members grieving over their loss and wondering what they could or should have done differently in their relationships and wishing for more time to make right any wrongs done. Made me want to keep my relationships more healthy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It has been a long time since writing here. About 5 months. We have been busy. To see my mom, 2 sisters and their families the end of April. Lewis having hernia repair surgery in May. He was off work for 6 weeks. Working, gardening, canning, keeping a home has kept me very busy. The grandsons are growing big and strong and precious. Celebrated my sister Lorine and my birthday on the 8th of September. Went to Provino's for dinner then to take a carriage ride downtown Chattanooga. It was great. My son, Lewie and his wife Bonnie gave me a new laptop computer. Mine had crashed about a month ago. Very nice gift. Very appreciated. Now, I think I better go take my dog for a walk and then get to work.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Morning World, It is wonderful to hear the birds singing, see the sky getting light and know how blessed I am to have such a great God and a wonderful family, good health, a home, so much more that it would take me a very long time to list them all. I listened to a really inspiring program yesterday on Midday Connection I heard a woman telling how she and her husband gave everything in their lives up to God(which is already His anyway)but sometimes we keep part of our lives for us and don't surrender it all to Him. I so needed to hear this. I so want to surrender all to Him. Please God help me.