Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Friday, October 29, 2010


Such a beautiful, autumn day. Lovin' it. I cleaned 4 houses this week. I prayed for more work and God gave me more. Praise Him. Had fun buying groceries for a change. Went to 3 different stores, buying what was on sale, lots of buy one get one free. Now having to put it all away.

Got to get busy and cook some yummy food for the weekend. I've got several new recipes I want to try. Asian chicken salad wraps, Apricot-almond bars, Caramelized onion dip with fresh raw veges, Penne frittata with basil and ricotta and some kind of yummy muffins.

Going to play my guitar at Sabbath School tomorrow. Haven't done that in a while.

Matthew, my youngest son, started a full time job Tuesday. He has been working pretty regular but this is a 40 hr, get up at 5:30, punch the time clock kind of job.

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