Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Beautiful trees in Tennessee

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow storm 2011

Early Monday morning we got lots of snow. Throughout the day we accumulated over 8 inches. So beautiful. Lewis and Matt got to stay home. We went for a walk. That was pretty hard. Matt's friend picked him up and they went snowboarding, sledding at a farm down the road. Tuesday, they braved driving to work after it got light. I didn't. Stayed busy cleaning, organizing, cooking. Today is Wednesday and they made it to work again. Not me. Sorting through pictures on the computer. More cleaning, cooking. Now writing.
I haven't gone anywhere since Sabbath. I guess some people would get cabin fever. I choose not to. I have too many things I can do. I do believe I'll paint this afternoon. Thank you Lord for the snow, for this time off work without pay so I have time to do other things I wouldn't have time for. Thank you Lord for our home, our family, books, talents, food, hot water, a good warm wood stove.

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